Mindfulness. New habits. Clear body.
Hey! My name is Olesya Malayeri, I'm a professional nutritionist and I can help you change your approach to life and control over your health.
Health transformation through
naturopathic nutrition based on your
unique biochemistry and genetics.
Who I am
Hello, My name is Olesya and I am a qualified naturopathic nutritionist specializing in nutrigenomics and functional nutrition.

I help you create lasting health transformations based on your unique biochemistry, genetics, while using naturopathic principles of healing and looking at all aspects of your lifestyle.

There is no diet that suits everyone equally as we are all genetically and biologically different and it is my job to help you uncover what makes you thrive. I use a range of functional and genetic testing as well as an in-depth nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire to tailor make your plan to reach your specific health goals.

I support a whole range of health conditions and my special interest lie in hormone and metabolic health, male and female fertility, pregnancy nutrition as well as body transformation.

I believe real change comes from good understanding of how your body works at the deepest level and knowing how to work with your biochemistry and not against it.
Olesya Malayeri
Naturopathic nutritionist (Dip CNM 3 years, ANP)
and common sense
based approach.
My approach based on 3 core points – detailed analysis of the client's body, stress-free nutrition and the formation of a conscious attitude to your life.
Deep analysis
Your highly personalized daily nutrition plan will be based on genetic and functional test results, cutting edge genetics science and years of my professional experience.
Stress-free changes
Stress-free, comfortable experience without compromises on lifestyle is what I am aiming at while developing your nutrition plan.
As a result – my clients stop
destroying their bodies and start building.
New habits
Harmony with yourself
that last for years
Healthy eating
Balanced daily
Conscious choice
Conscious, unbiased approach
to your health
I'm ready when
you are. Let's start
from conversation
How i can help
Health is one of your most precious possessions. Depending on your health goals,
I recommend a monthly support package to ensure that new habits have had enough
time to develop.
Body Transformation
This package combines a genetic test looking at your fitness and diet genes with a full one hour consultation as well as a monthly support for a duration of 8 weeks
Fertility and Preconception
Whether you are struggling to conceive or simply want to prepare your body for conception and pregnancy, this package includes a detailed hormone and vitamin test to ensure your body is in the perfect place to house a new little resident.
Hormonal Balance
Whether you struggle with an underactive thyroid, irregular periods, PCOS or metabolic problems, this package will be a wonderful support tool for you to bring things back into balance. It includes the most comprehensive hormone test as well as my support.