Mountain retreat for the ladies -
hormonal reset
16-10 octomber 2024
Boutique hotel Majer'ca
Olesya Malayeri
naturopathic nutritionist Dip CNM, ANP
Hello, my name is Olesya and I am a qualified naturopathic nutritionist specialising in personalised nutrition and nutrigenomics.
Reset your nervous system and hormones, reduce pain and discomfort and reconnect with your inner self again.

Join us on a rejuvenating 3 day retreat located amidst the serene Slovenian Alps. It has been carefully curated specifically for busy women looking to have the health kickstart to reclaim a life aligned with vitality, purpose and fulfilment.

After years of navigating stress, the relentless pace of life, juggling work and family commitments, it's only natural to feel depleted and drained of energy. Hormonal imbalances often emerge as a consequence of prolonged stress and disconnection from ourselves.
Our clients frequently express a sense of not recognising their own selves—a clear call to take action. Many ladies resort to hormone therapies or other medications to manage their symptoms when what they actually need is rest, rejuvenation and professional guidance to help them restore energy levels and balance female hormones.
Mountain retreat for the ladies -
hormonal reset
Allow us to whisk you away to a world of "you" time and pure relaxation in an extraordinary setting—boutique hotel Majerca, nestled amidst awe-inspiring lakes, beautiful waterfalls, and majestic mountain peaks.

Immerse yourself in the invigorating wild lake, practice breath and psychosomatic work while forging connections with like-minded women. Learn how to take advantage of the simple tools such as nutrition and body awareness and how to integrate those into your everyday life to bring balance and help you feel a new zest for life.

Allow the beauty and high energy of this Slovenian gem to guide you towards a state of profound well-being.
Who it's suitable for:
  • Ladies struggling with hormone imbalances and/or symptoms of perimenopause
  • Fertility issues
  • Those who wish to reconnect with themselves and reset their nervous systems
  • Those with chronic persistent pain and/or discomfort where all other sinister causes have been ruled out
  • Those who enjoy nutrition and are interested to learn about its impact on overall health
  • Those who love nature and outdoor activities
  • Those wanting to try breath work yoga for healthy hormone metabolism
Location - Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Amazing corner of the Earth
The park is located in the Julian Alps and is named after Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav (2864 meters). Its territories are among the oldest European nature reserves.
At the very entrance to the park, surrounded by high mountains, there is a fabulously beautiful lake of glacial origin - Bohinj.
Lake Bohinj is located at an altitude of 525 meters above sea level and is the largest lake in Slovenia. It reminds me of the Norwegian fjords.
Unlike Lake Bled, there are practically no traces of urbanization on its shores. The exception is the village of Ribchev Laz, which is located at the mouth of the Jezemica River.
But Ribchev Láz is exactly the case when man-made structures do not spoil the almost perfect local landscape, but laconically complement it.
What's included:
  • Organic nutritionally balanced meals aimed at restoring digestive and liver function
  • Breath and body work based on a groundbreaking AEQ method. AEQ is an educational psychosomatic process where you can permanently resolve chronic pain, anxiety or any other conditions in a safe and gentle way by reconnecting to your brain and body through muscle work, breath and relaxation techniques.
    The results are profound and teach our brain how to control our body functions, reduce tension and improve overall health, nervous and endocrine systems. We learn how to be more centred, mindful and less reactive.
  • Daily yoga and movement classes which will also teach you how to keep fit without relying on gym memberships and personal trainers
  • Wild lake swimming and cold exposure to tone the vagus nerve.
  • Mountain hiking, visiting secret energy points with high frequency positive electromagnetic fields
  • Girly chats by the fire soaking in mountain energy
  • Nutrition workshops dedicated to simple nutritional hacks to help us stay healthy even in high pace environments
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Wake up and stretch your way to a fabulous Sunday with yoga to make you feel great.
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A good old stretch to set you up for the rest of the week. Suitable for all skills.
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Strengthen the muscles and focus on bringing you back to balance.
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Boutique hotel Majer'ca
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16-19 octomber 2024
Boutique hotel Majer'ca
Mountain retreat for the ladies -
hormonal reset
  • Program authors
  • Olesya Malayeri
  • Liudmila Curdova

Mountain retreat for the ladies -
hormonal reset
Hotel Majerca in Bohinj
16-19 octomber 2024